Studio Facility

These are all examples of sets that have been built in the past. These are not standing sets. The equipment and props pictured may not be available.

Cyclorama Wall
Cyclorama Wall

Living Space Set
Living, Kitchen and Dining
construction of Living set
Living Space

Looking in through door
Interior of Bedroom
construction of Bedroom set
Looking in through window
Interior of Bedroom
Bedroom decorated

Hospital room
hospital wall
Hospital Room
construction of Hospital set
hospital Room
Doctor’s Office

Classroom space

Exterior – Subway
Exterior – Subway Lighting

Makeup room
Wardrobe fitting room & Mirror
Makeup Room
Wardrobe Mirror & Office

Main Office
Office 3
Production office
Office 1
Office 2
production office

Kitchen & Dining
Dining Hall 3
Kitchen & Dining
Dining Hall 2

Parking Lot